Embassy Suites
1001 E Mccarty Ln
San Marcos, TX 78666-1080

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As we prepared to go to bed on July 26, 2015, we noticed a small bug on our bedspread. Upon close inspection, we discovered that it was a bedbug. We called the front desk and they moved us to another room on another floor.

I found two bedbugs in my room, captured them alive and reported them to the manager. He told me the next day that the pest control man told him that they were indeed "adolescent" bedbugs. They "nuked" my room with white powder along all baseboards and the pest people said they could not find any more bedbugs. I moved to a different room on a different floor and never saw another bedbug. I was staying for an extended period of time. The management seemed serious about eliminating the pests.

Checked in on 6/28/12, stayed indoors 3 1/2 days for a conference, received bites to arms, hands and knees. Showed arm/hand bites to a manager. (Room 231)

I am at the Embassy Suites Hotel for a conference this week. Last night I got bit 5 times on my forearm in a tight line. The bites itch and match bedbug bites from Google. They have offered to move me to a different room and comp last night's stay. However, I am going to have to throw out all of my belongings! Suitcase, purse, makeup bag, clothing, pillow, etc.

About a year and a halve ago I was at this location for a conference (fall 2010). At the time I was checking out of the hotel, one of the other conference attendees was checking out and explained that he had gotten several bites the night before.

In preperation of another conference to be held at the same location this year, I spoke with an on site contact and discovered that the hotel had a convention several weeks ago which resulted in between 7 to 17 rooms becoming infested with Bedbugs.

As of this date the problem has not been resolved.

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