Rodeway Inn at Six Flags San Antonio
19793 W I-10
San Antonio, TX 78257
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The place had bedbugs. First I thought I had been bitten by mosquitoes but then I checked the mattress and it had the typical bedbug stains. I saw a dead adult bedbug on the carpet, which was nasty. I reported it to the front desk and I also reported that the bathroom had cockroach eggs covered in spider webs, like if the bathroom had not been cleaned in a long time, or at least that corner behind the door. They responded that the stains on the mattress were there because they had found them bef

ore but they had an exterminator and got rid of them. When we left, some people went into the room and took the mattress away. We stayed in room 112 or 122, the one at the end of the first floor. I didn't take pictures and I sort of believed the guy but today I was driving and I saw something walking on my hand and I felt a bite. It was a very small bedbug, I managed to kill it without squishing it and I looked at it with a magnifying mirror. I am washing all of my bedding at 1:30 in the morning as I type this, and tomorrow I will vacuum and steam my whole house, along with washing everything we own. We brought the bedbugs into our place and now we are afraid that is going to be difficult to get rid of them. Do not stay at this place if you don't want to bring these insects home.

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I stayed in Room 121 about 3 weeks ago, the room was clean and there were no problems, but when I woke up in the morning I had bites on my legs and around my mid-section, I told the desk clerk and was told there were no bugs in the room and that they have never had any, well.I took pictures and have them on my computer, I called them again and was told that maybe I had brought them with me, I didn't have time to argue, I talked to another guest in room 114 and he told me he works construction an

d he seen them in his room as well. I don't mind staying there since the housekeepers are always great about keepiing the room spotless and taking care of my needs and the older desk clerk is very nice. I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but the owners don't care about anything except renting them rooms. I also sent the pictures to San Antonio Metro Health, waiting for there reply.

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