Rodeway Inn Downtown
900 N Main Ave
San Antonio, TX 78212

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Stayed at the Rodeway Inn on N Main in San Antonio 06/28/2013 through 06/30/2013. Besides numerous problems, the first day I noticed a few bumps and thought it might be heat rash since I was outside all day.
Exhausted, went back to the hotel and laid down after a long day of activity. Tossed and turned.

Morning came and I am covered with bed bug bites (the tell tale three bite site and then moving on) all over my back and on my arms.

Monday, 07/01/2013 noticing more and more of the bites

appear as time passes. My body is simply covered in bites.

Reported to front desk on check out. I don't know if they will do anything and what recourse I have.

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I checked into the hotel on Wednesday, February 8 and checked out on Sunday, February 12. I started noticing some red bumps on my chest on Saturday. More and more have been popping up since then. My friend who stayed with me said she had felt itchy while she was sleeping but thought it might have been an allergic reaction to the detergent. I called the hotel this morning once I finally confirmed they were bed bug bites. The hotel said "they have never heard any complaints about bed bugs at

their hotel". Yeah- that's crap. I asked about a refund (full or partial) for the trip and she was going to pass along my info to the manager. I guess we will see if I hear back from her. I'm just praying I didn't bring anything back with me.

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We checked into the hotel for New Years Eve party and had 2 rooms booked. Both rooms had bedbugs and the management didn't give a damn. We told them and they just blew it off. I now know why. I didn't know this site existed before. Stay away from this hotel as they are bad news.

Checked in the evening of October 17,2010. Did not know of bedbug reports but took precautions anyway(luggage and clothes on top of dresser). Went to bed ~11:45 and had a funny feeling, could not sleep and felt itchy. At ~1:00a turned on light by bed and saw a single adult bedbug runing away. Immediately took shower, gathered belongings, Informed front desk and demanded a full refund.

On September 23rd 2010 I stayed at the Rodeway Inn Downtown in San Antonio. I woke up on the morning of the 24th covered in bed bug bites all up and down the left side of my body. I reported it immediately to the staff and captured one of the bedbugs in my tupperware container I had with me. The cleaning staff came to the room to "examine" and I showed her the bug that I captured. She wanted to take it to the manager and I gave it to her, now I wish I hadn't.
She said that it had never been re

ported here and she wanted to move my room from 212 to room 118, I obliged.
I called the health department and in a later conversation, about two weeks later the manager of the Inn said that they found nothing...
On the night of the 24th I gave this hotel another shot and stayed a floor lower on the other side of the property in room 118...SAME THING. MORE BITES and I have pictures to prove it.
They are NOT well versed in this as they told me they would "thuroughly clean the room" and I KNOW, becuase this happened to me a few years ago, and after a LOT of research, that you can clean until your back goes out but they don't go away with cleaning. Not happy at all with the lack of initiatinve and further spreading it to those who cannot afford a "nicer hotel" UNHAPPY in California.

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