Quality Inn
606 Division Ave
San Antonio, TX 78214

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I originally booked a room at Homegate Studios & Suites on 10950 Laureate Dr., 04/05/2011. I arrived that evening late and picked up key at the Quality Inn next door. I checked the mattress, looked at the bottom sheet and did not see any thing that looked like bed bugs, i.e., molted skin, scat, moving bugs. The next morning, a different story. I saw bugs moving on the bottom sheet and when I squished them, blood stains were evident on the bottom sheet. The bugs themselves were bright red and I

scooped 2 up in a plastic cup to give to the manager. I did not show any evidence of bites which would of been around my face since that was where the concentration was when I started checking and pulling the bedding back. The manager, Sean Patel, gave me a different room on the Quality Inn side (right next door). I did not return to the new room and my receipt says La Cantera Inn & Suites on top along with SR Hospitality, 10950 Laureate Dr. San Antonio Tx on it.

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