Fairfield Inn and Suites San Antonio Downtown
620 S Santa Rosa Ave
San Antonio, TX 78204-3128

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Bed bugs on the 2nd floor and the 4th floor. I have pictures of dead bugs in my bed. My wife had them all over her clothes. Checked in on a Wednesday night and got a room on the 2nd floor. That night we had 2 live bugs crawl out of the pillow case and onto my wife's pillow. We called front desk and immediately changed rooms around 2am. Fast forward to Sunday night, my wife pulls open the sheet to lay down and there was a dead bug under the sheets. There were tiny little black bugs across the ent

ire bed. I looked under the bed and there was also a dead cockroach. The manager, Joe Garcia, immediately denied there being a problem without even calling a pest control company to check it out. So much for giving the customer the benefit of the doubt. He is refusing to refund my money IN FULL for my wretched stay at this hotel. The inconvenience it caused my wife and me on our business trip was unacceptable. The Regional Director, Pinal Patel, reached out to me to tell me that they "went out of their way and paid for a pest control service to come and check out the room, and they concluded that there are no bed bugs". Well, I have the pictures and pictures don't lie. So, I think it's time to find another pest control company if there are dead bugs and cockroaches in hotel rooms. White Lodging management needs to get their act together and quit cutting corners. They need to train their employees effectively in hospitality, and Joe Garcia needs to learn how to manage a hotel appropriately. Spare yourselves from even worrying about bed bugs and stay away from this hotel.

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May 8, 2012. On the first night I was there in that room I got bit a total of 2 times. The second time, I got bit another 8 times. I requested for a different room and I didn't get bit after that.

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