Embassy Suites Hotels
10110 N Us-281
San Antonio, TX 78216-4647

Found 4 reports:

Stay here week of the Fieast woke up itching turned on the light and my bed was covered with bedbugs little ones and big ones. Do not recommend for hotel.

Stayed November 2010 and upon arrival found bed bugs in my room. Got a new room (and a bad attitude from the manager!) and there was evidence of them but it appeared to have been treated. Just blood on the mattress casing. I don't care how cheap you can get a rate on priceline, it's not worth it!

Stayed in late April 2010 and had several weird bites forming a line in my back that were very itchy.

Stayed at this hotel from October 11-13 - returned with numerous bed bug bites on my arms

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