Embassy Suites-Riverwalk
130 E Travis St
San Antonio, TX 78205-1608

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The address is wrong here, I searched for this hotel before going and didn't find anything but was sure to submit a review after my departure and with a little more digging I found they are misdirecting people with a fake address. They are not on Travis and not even at #130.

This dump is a joke. My wife and I stayed 3 nights in September and awoke 2 mornings with fresh bites. We also spoke with other guests who were complaining to the receptionist and they were on a different floor. They show

ed us pictures of bites and blood spots on the sheets. They had gotten a maintenance worker to come look and said he was rude and blew them off, claiming beetles in broken English, blaming the temp for bugs coming into hotel.

I wouldn't stay here again. We decided to mention something and got stared at by the female manager like we were speaking a different language.

They clearly have an issue with infestation, they should just deal with it and not ignore it.

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Stayed here in middle of September. Stayed four nights. Got what I thought were mosquito bites until I found blood spots on the sheets. Saw a spot, touched it and it moved! It was two bedbugs! Have numerous bites along my arms

We saw some bugs on the 12th floor- not positive that they were bed bugs. They were crawling around on the towels in the bathroom. They sure looked like the pictures though...manager said they were "grain beetles". We left the hotel immediately. Just too much to take a chance. Just an FYI.

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