Crowne Plaza Hotel Riverwalk
111 E Pecan St
San Antonio, TX

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This is in responce to the comments made about bed bugs at the Crowne Plaza Riverwalk San Antonio.

This person claims are completly false. She did claim bed bugs and the hotel immediatly followed all policies to the letter. The hotels internal team inspected the rooms and found no evidence. The pest control company was called and came out and documenated that no infestation was evident. The guest making the claim contacted the TX Health Department and they inspected and have they also f

ound no evidence which is documented. Both the Health department and the pest cotrol company inpected all of the families room, not just the guest who made these false claims.

Many members of the management staff spoke to this individual over the course of her stay and then also after they departed.

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My husband, 11 month old and I left our home in Clovis New Mexico on Wed. May 18th. We drove a little over 9 hours to arrive at the hotel where we were meeting with 6 other family members for a four day trip to watch my brother-in-law graduate from basic at Lackland AFB. We had two rooms with two queen sized beds in each room that were connected by a center door. Got there after 5:00pm and went to sleep around 8:00pm. Woke up the next morning and had one bite on my chest. Friday morning I woke t

o over 50 bites all over my body. i thought that I was having an allergic reaction to something. So I covered myself in benadryl creme and took a few over the counter meds. I went to sleep friday night and wore socks, leggings pulled down around my ankles, a long sleeve shirt tucked into my pants and put my hair up. I slept on my left side and when I woke up on Saturday...I was covered with up to 100 bites from my left upper shoulder, onto my left neck, my left ear, behind my ear, and all over my forehead. Saturday i went to the er and was diagnosed with bed bug bites to a majority of my body. I alerted the hotel and they told me that i must of brought them with me because they never had bed bugs. I told them I was calling the health department to inspect the room and they told me their inspection company will come and do the inspection. The GM did not call me till 42 hour later and had absolutely no genuine concern for my health or well being. They deny the presence of any pests but refuse to provide me with their inspection team documents stating this. Their inspection team is a pest control company. I feel as if they were more concerned with the denial and cover up that actually taking precautions to fix the problem and prevent this from accruing to anyone else.

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