Americas Best Value Inn
1601 S Bryant Blvd
San Angelo, TX

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Stayed here in Feb. 2012 - no prob. thought it was nice enough for the economy price.

returned Apr. 14 .. arrived late, about 10 p.m. exhausted from hard physical work all day. Sat in room, ate, turned on TV, got into bed, dozed off, near midnight woke because TV and light still on, notice a bug on the sheet near my face .. I have never seen a bed bug before but have heard alot about them! I squashed the bug and jumped out of the bed in a panic! as they are contagious!

I started to look a

t the bed covers and under the sheets, while I did this, I saw another bug on the pillow!

I gathered up all my bags and put them back in the car, went to the front desk. The asked if I had been bitten. My neck itched. They refunded my money and said they had never had any complaints. I left. it was by then 12:30 approx. I was so tired! Now I have some bites on my arm and worry that they got into my car or the clothes I was wearing in the bed ..

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