Super 8 Port Arthur
7700 Memorial Blvd
Port Arthur, TX 77640-8080

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We came to Super 8 at 3:30 am looking for a place to stay for the thanksgiving weekend. My girlfriend showers, her friend's falling asleep, and I was watching tv. I look over to her friend asking her if she's sleeping yet. She opens her eyes and screams to me for help. I come to the bed to see a bed bug crawling on the sheets of her bed. I immediately run down stairs to get the worker. He tell's me there is a no refund policy being held at the location. I tell him there are bed bugs in my room a

nd that he needs to see it. He follows me upstairs. From there, he opens the door and offers to give me the room next door. By then, I'm already disgusted about the situation. I did not want to be there any longer. My girlfriend explodes. She asks the worker if he'd rather take care of the matter with a refund or would he rather have us call someone to handle it for us. "Our blow dryer does not work, the fridge does not get cold, and the a/c does not work. WE WANT A REFUND!" He told us to follow him down stair and he'd refund us. I drove awaay from the area and stayed at the Hampton Hotel on Jimmy Johnson Rd. The lady that worked there listened to our story and gave us their suite for the same price as their regular two bed room. WHAT A NIGHT!

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