Super 8
510 S Tx-46
New Braunfels, TX 78130-2841

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Rm# 115
April 2013
3 bugs spotted!
I fell asleep approx 12:15am. At 2:00am, my husband came to bed. He turned on the light to fix the blankets, and he noticed one bug crawling near my pillow. He thought it was just a bug because he said it moved fast, but then he had seen another. He woke me up, and sure enough another bastard went running. I captured and killed one, because I wanted to make sure it was indeed a bed bug. It was! The bastards were probably feeding off me for the last 2 hours!

We killed 2 out of the three bugs, placed them in a zip lock bag and booked out of that hotel in less than 15 minutes.

The hotel's supervisor was kind enough to issue a full refund without hassling me and commented that they might have been coming from the bed board.

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