Embassy Suites Lubbock
5215 S Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79424

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I stayed overnight, for an early morning Dr. visit. I brought bedbugs home with me. The worst time of my life. It was hard to find the little buggers. I did not report it. I had no idea, what was going on. Finally discovered what was biting me.

I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Lubbock, TX on two accessions recently. First stay was between April 6th through the 12th, and again on April 21st through May 3rd. These were business trips and therefore I was traveling alone. While in Lubbock on the second stay my wife, who was back at home, started getting bit by what she thought were mosquitos at night. When I returned home from the second business trip I got bit my first night back at home. The second night back home we found one bed

bug and immediately vacated the room and started a nightly spraying of everything in the room. We have since found many more of the bugs both live and dead. We have not traveled anywhere else in over a year to stay at any other accommodations. Therefore, the bed bugs had to come from either the hotel or from the luggage cabin of the airline. Of the two, the most likely is the hotel. This is most likely an isolated incident and I have talked to the hotel management to inform them of the situation so they can investigate the room I was staying in.

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