LA Quinta Inn
204 Centennial Blvd
Lindale, TX 75771-8817

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Room 306 after watching TV on the bed for about an 90 minutes, I saw something dark crawling on my night shirt. It was an adult bed bug. I had moved pillows from one bed to the other and found either nymphs or actual bugs in both. There was no obvious signs or typical spots at the headboard, top of the mattress, mattress pad or walls. Captured two in a zip lock baggy and reported them to the desk clerk. They moved to an upgraded room at the other end of the hall. Upon check out I requested

that management contact me and let me know what action they were taking regarding eradication of the bed bugs. They called and informed me the same day (a weekend) that had their pest management contractor was out to spray the room and they refunded my entire bill for 2 nights. I am reporting this in an effort for everyone to stay vigilant in looking for them and reporting them. It is the best way ensure that they are not spread. I understand this is not an easy problem to eradicate and therefore we must all play a role in ensuring that we do not perpetuate the problem.

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