Intown Suites
6625 Bandera Rd
Leon Valley, TX 78238-1436

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Occurred at Intown Suites 6451 Bandera Road. Early morning of 9/26/12 I saw one large cockroach appearing bug and multiple transparnt spider looking small bugs. Had itchy red bites on arms, chest and neck. I notified manager who then sent maintenance man to room. He pulled headboard off wall, called office and stated "I see a few bed bugs". He then told me to go to the office. Manager told me to pack and leave. I asked for another room sincebI had paid for 5 weeks in advance. Manager said he did

nt want me spreading them and told me to leave. I told manager this wasnt my fault. He stated very rudely "I didnt say it was. I told you to pack and leave. I have it on tape". I have never encountered bed bugs and was itchy and completely disgusted. I was more disgusted with the way I was treated by management.

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We also stayed at InTown Suites 6625 Bandera Rd, Leon Valley, TX on Jan 25, 26 leaving at noon on Jan 27 due to horrible bug problem. The manager Mark McFee refused to refund our money! The person working in the office also said she would NOT stay in this room with the bugs. We were offered a different room next door to the horrible bug problem & declined since we assumed it would also be infested. They said the most they would do for us is sweep the room!!!! The manager was very very rude

to us. I would advise everyone to stay away from this place!

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This entry is a followup to my previous entry for InTown Suites, located at 6451 Bandera, not 6625 Bandera.
The Director of Marketing and Communiations contacted me after my post. We discussed the situation. He advised me that the protocols in place were not followed correctly and he'd look into that. He also assured me that the room would be cleaned and treated by a pest company. He also provided some compensation and did 'make it right". I appreciate his concern and follow through.

This occurred at the InTown Suites located at 6451 Bandera, not 6625 Bandera.
Noticed the bites and looked online to confirm the bed bugs. Bingo!
The management didn't want to refund my paid in advance money,said I'd have to leave. I was there a week and had extended another week. They said it happens all the time and is no big deal. When I threatened to notify the State Health Dept, and call in the TV news, then they gave me back my money for the time I had extended for...but not any o

ther compensation.

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