Fairfield Inn by Marriott
4800 W John Carpenter Fwy
Irving, TX 75063-2307

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Ugh! We did not know about this registry until after the following incident!
My husband and I stayed at this hotel on Dec.26, 2010 in room 133. The facility was very clean, as was the room. Unable to sleep, I got out of bed and turned on the light about 1:00 am. As I looked down at my pillow, I saw a bug. I grabbed it and took it straight to the front desk. The night desk clerk did not seem suprised, and relocated us to another room. While I was emptying my suitcase, shaking out my clothing

over the bathtub to see if there were any bugs in my luggage, my husband found another bug in the bed, and then, before we could get out of the room, we found another on the wall. We moved to the second room, and placed all our luggage in the bathroom. My husband's luggage had been placed on top of the dresser, and we did not find any bugs in any of the luggage or clothing in the bags. The hotel, while nice enough to place us in another room, did not offer to comp our room for our trouble.

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Stayed at this hotel overnight on Saturday, November 27, 2010. I checked the room as well as I could stripping bed, checking the mattress pad, the boxspring and every corner and crevice that I could and didn't see anything. On Sunday, November 28, 2010 as I was getting dressed I noticed two small blood smears on the sheet and realized that I had been bitten by something. I stripped the bed again and found a large bedbug and some babies in one of the creases of the mattress. I immediately call

ed the front desk and they quickly sent up the supervisor of housekeeping. She did everything she could to help me. I already had been keeping my suitcase in a large garbage bag(recommended by experts to keep bedbugs out of luggage)I still took all my clothes out of my luggage and put it in the hotels industrial dryers for an hour and a half(extreme heat is what kills bedbugs) and then put all my clothes in plastic bags)I did the same thing when I got home. I'm hoping that since I had already taken the precautions I didn't bring anything but time will tell. TRAVELERS BEWARE!! THIS HOTEL DOES HAVE BEDBUGS!! I had previously checked this website(bedbugregistry.com)and there had been no reports of bedbugs at this hotel.

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