LA Quinta Inn
11130 Northwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77092-7307

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My colleague and I shared a room at this hotel while in Houston for a conference from May 28-June 1, 2012. We each woke up with bites in clusters of 3 and 4. At first we thought they were mosquito bites. I have since learned this pattern is typical for bed bugs. My colleague went to the doctor and is being treated for scabies, which I don't think it is. Either way, we're pretty darn upset and now worried we didn't handle our luggage properly when we got home and may have brought the freaking cri

tters with us!

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I I saw a bed bug in our mattress

I I saw a bed bug in our mattress

I woke up after spending one night in the La Quinta Inn Houston Galleria Area (1625 West Loop) and had a small fireant like bite on my arm that wasn't there the night before. After looking at pictures of bed bug bites, I believe this to be what bit me in the night.

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