Intown Suites
4210 Fm 1960 Rd W
Houston, TX 77068

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Stay away from this place!!! Infested with bed bugs!!!! My family and I stayed at this Intown Suites during the transition of our home being sold, until we were able to move into our new home. We reported bites and told we feel the room had bed bugs. We were told if room does we would have to move out, no refunds or exchange rooms because they don't know if we brought there. Checked out and ask for our deposit was told they couldn't give us our deposit back if there is bed bugs! I found them

to be very could about this whole situation. Management if that's what she calls herself Juanie, is rude no personality! Acts if you are a no body...if she was representing my company she would had been gone. Even during check out she was rude!!! I would recommend anyone not even my worse nightmare to this place!! They are a fraud and thieves! I did not look up this place up prior to checking and I can kick myself for not doing. They need to commend this place because obviously by the posting left above they were very aware of this. I would rather pay the extra if money to stay at a nicer place then having to have dealt the nightmare we just endured!!! My baby, husband, daughter and I were all bitten up.

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Got my ass ate up! I've never encountered bed bugs before.
At first I thought it was spider bites. But the last night I stayed there I got bit on the side of my head and I actually seen it and it was full of blood. At that point I spent the rest of my night sleeping on my truck and moved out the next day!

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