Embassy Suites
1515 Dallas St
Houston, TX 77002-7137

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11/29/2012 - third floor

Yuk. I did as much of an inspection as I reasonably could but they made it very very difficult. Volumes of large unnecessary old upholstered furniture. Humongous attached headboards. An enormous,heavy dust ruffle with folds everywhere.

Clearly I'm the only one doing much checking...

There were disgusting amounts of hair,dust grime, behind the bed (which looked like it hadn't been moved and vacuumed in forever). Also hair and grime all over the dust ruffle (

which looked like it hadn't been washed in years).

I stayed up and kept my luggage in the bathroom shower.

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I traveled to Embassy Suites in Houston, stayed three nights. Back at my home in New York we have bed bugs. I haven't traveled anywhere else in the past three months.

I was scheduled to spend 6 nights at this Embassy Suites hotel. I spent two nights and woke up covered in bedbug bites. I was able to catch two bedbugs and handed them over to the general manager. I switch hotels for the remainder of my stay.

My daughter woke up with welts up and down her legs,,,had a doc check it out, and he diagnosed it as bedbugs. I've let management know, but she's got horrible itchy welts, and they aren't going to be addressing it till a.m. so we still have to sleep on that bed tonight. Hmmmmm......

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