La Quinta Inn Galveston - Seawall South
1402 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX

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On sept 7th,2012, we checked into rm 337 and that evening laid down around 11:30 with my four year old grand. I felt something bite me, so I I removed it off my arm , turned on the light and it was itty bitty. When I smashed it , there was blood. I pulled the covers back and the bugs were crawling out from everywhere. I told my grand to get off the bed. We called the front office and told them and they sent a guy up there. He removed mattresses off the bed and checked them as well as the box spr

ings. I was just in shock from what just happened. They moved us next door but I made him check those beds as well. Since I went through , I had to call them. They are reimbursing me for that night. I think the whole stay should have been comped . We did not get settled back in the other room until around 2:0o in the morning. I had a hard time trying to sleep. I will never stay there again!!!!!

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