Super 8 Dallas E I30 Loop 12
8901 E R L Thornton Fwy
Dallas, TX 75228

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On Febuary 23,2013 me and my husband started out spoting what was a bed buf on his brand new dickey suit we had just purchased knocking it off just thinking it may have been a roach. Later on this evening i was laying in the bed on my phone when i seen a tiny baby bug which was red i first took a picture of the bug and then sqished it on the sheet it gave off a blood looking color on my sheets ... I went to the office where the manager looked at the picture an came to my room an inspected my ro

om then began spraying a bug &roach disinfectent. While he was spraying we discovered another bed bug crawling on the matress... He properly took the steps in accomidating me an my husband with spraying an disinfecting the room fresh sheets an other bed liens also assuring us a new an improved room in the morning.

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On may 8th 2012 I lifted the covers to find a full size dead bed bug. Later that night I felt something ticklish on my elbow when I turned on my phone I saw a tiny black spot tryin to run away I instantly squished it smearing blood all over the cover. The next morning I woke up with about 4 or 5 bed bug bites

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