Sheraton Suites Market Center
2101 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX 75207-3004

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Arrived on 8/29/20 for one night stay. The first room I was placed in had a huge cockroach in the tub. I went down and told management and they claimed they were upgrading me to a suite on the 9th floor. The room appeared clean and I look fir evidence of bed bugs because I do this at all hotels I stay in and didn’t see anything concerning. I never put my bags on the floor as I try to always keep my belongings up on furniture such as a desktop or countertop just in case and there was a small

counter that held the coffee supplies by the door separating the Tv area from the bedroom so that is where I had my bag and clean items. Something caused me to wake up around 130 or 2 AM and that’s when I saw small bed bugs on the bed. I had my kids with me and tried to sleep some more Since we had nowhere to go in the middle of the night and we had already been exposed so I laid down and kept the bathroom light on with the door cracked. At one point I raised The comforter up and that’s my saw all of the bedbug skins that had previously been shed over their life cycle in each square of the pleated blanket. the skins would roll back-and-forth in the blanket when it was moved. I finally woke my kids up at about 4 AM to get ready to leave I found bedbugs in the bathroom as well crawling on the floor which was adjacent to the bedroom. I made all my kids shower very well. We left the hotel I am mediately went to target and buy trash bags for all her belongings to drive home and sprays for bedbugs hoping not to introduce any to my car because after seeing the bedbugs in the bathroom as well I figured they were probably in our belongings that were on the countertop in the other room. As I said I showered very well and when we arrived home from Dallas which is about an 8 1/2 hour drive I And my children got fully unclothed on our front porch at 2 AM and took showers again and when I was in the shower I had a bedbug on me that must’ve been in my clean clothes from my bag. I did notify the hotel manager when I found the bedbugs. And I also tried to get my room refunded but since I purchased it through Expedia a third-party I could not get a refund so I spent all that money on a hotel room then had to spend money at target to try to not transfer them into my car and finally When we got home I did not bring any of our belongings in the house they sat outside for weeks and I had an exterminator come and spray or treat the bags. It was a nightmare!

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Stayed in room 740/718 from 4/1-4/5. I have found what appear to be multiple bites and a bed bug in my luggage.


Daughter woke up with multiple bites. We stayed in room 809. Hotel says they will respond in 5 days.

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