Fairfield Inn by Marriott
1575 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247-3619

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9/3/2011 - Ramada Love Field. Room 346 Did a thorough check for bedbugs as the hotel itself did not make a good impression for cleanliness. Found nothing then after sitting on the bed with laptop for about 30 minutes, looked over and saw a bedbug crawling on the pillow next to me. Pulled off more sheets and found 1 more. Didn't stay in the room long enough to look for anymore but did take a picture for proof. Front desk gave me a new room on a different floor. Left all luggage in the bath

room on the counter and tile floor. Went through my bags thoroughly and didn't find anything I may have carried with me from the last room. I do have 2 red marks on my back that I hope aren't bites.

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This location is now the Ramada Love Field (same address). We checked in on Thursday, October 21, 2010, did a bedbug check and found nothing, but my son had 3 bites the next morning. We didn't immediately make the connection. Went north to a wedding, returning to this hotel on Saturday, Oct 23, 2010, did another check and it looked fine. Then Sunday morning we discovered bedbugs under the box springs. There were no bloodstains on the mattresses, pillows, or mattress covers, and no bugs behi

nd the headboard, but when we noticed pepper-sized flakes in the bed, we did a further check and found several live nymphs, cast skins, and a few small live bugs. A second room we were offered also was infested. The desk clerk "didn't know how it could have happened" but did not seem the least bit concerned. Beware!

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