Super 8
1000 Cable St
Conroe, TX 77301-2045

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We stayed at this Super 8 on 1000 Cable Street in Conroe, Texas for about 1 1/2-2 weeks up to Wednesday February 20, 2013. After being there a day and a half my Son killed a bug that was crawling up the bed I was sitting on and slept on. It was full of blood so I knew right away it was a bed bug! EWW! We were NOT happy! Where there is one bed bug there are more..we complained to the desk person (Maria-who was the BEST thing about this hotel-the manager Mike was horrible and had a rotten attitud

e) and was told the manager would be up shortly. Well, he never came up and 3 hours later I called back down and was told he had LEFT FOR THE NIGHT! The girl (Maria) felt bad and tried giving us another room but it was only a 1 bed and we decided to wait til the manager came in the next day (we really had not other place to go and room was already paid for) and he was supposed to take care of the problem when he came in at 9 the next morning and of course did not. Never heard from him. I eventually called down there and he denied they had bed bugs (umm..not as I found another one a few minutes after the other one was killed-then another) he tried making excuses (and we were told there had been complaints about that room-well why would they rent it out again if they KNEW there were beds bugs which of course they did) saying people bring stuff in and blah blah blah but these bugs were there for a while obviously as he switched us to a new room though I knew what we would find in the new room and of course after moving almost everything I look at the wall and 3 bed bugs! Geez! We ended up doing home remedies to try and keep the bugs away from us and off us until we could leave as our friend got bit twice the morning after saw the bugs. Later after we had spread dryer sheets all over to keep the bugs away-my Son woke up with bites all over his hand. :-( I got some alcohol and sprayed it all over and for the remaining 2 days we had no more bites. This place needs shut down and treated completely and they need to fire the manager Mike-he was the most RUDE, CONDESCENDING person I have met in a long time. He also changed what he told my friend about pricing after we already arrived there and gave us further trouble, The keys would not work most of the time and we had to keep going down and having them re-activated. Really annoying! They do not care about their Customers one bit. RUN AWAY from this place!

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