Ramada Inn Bryan Area
1502 Texas Ave S
College Station, TX

Found 2 reports:

I stayed in this hotel September 26, 2011 for work-related travel. When I woke up I had tiny blood drops on the front of my lower leg. I told the manager and he said they have never have had a bed bug problem. I took a picture in case anyone wanted to see when I filled out the online evaluation form but they were not interested. I never returned. Just found this site or would have reported it earlier.

I have to stay at this hotel for work. After spending the night here on April 5 2010 I found a live bed bug in my clothing. Again I have to stay here for work, its a company hotel card thing. On April 19 2010 I inspected the room I was given. I did not find any live bugs, but I did find at least a 15-20 dead. Along the base board behind the bed, behind the head board, along the mattress and and inside the box springs.

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