Super 8 University Austin
5526 N I H 35
Austin, TX

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3/15/2011: i checked in to room 135 today. After noticing something scurrying out from under the TV set, I lifted up the set and found 4 or 5 bedbugs.

I captured one in a soda bottle and compared it to pictures on the internet; they were definitely bed bugs.

We have been the 13-14th of February at this hotel.
I don't remember the number of our room, but what I can say is, that the hotel didn't give a shit to our problem...
The problem is that the first night (friday/saturday), we have seen some black insects and some spot in the sheets (like “blood”) in our bedroom, and have seen some red insects. Saturday at breakfast time we warned the office about this insect and response us that they will send someone to manage it.
Before to go to bed, my

foot was itching…
Sunday morning, I woke up with a lot of bites on my body (foot, face, hands, legs,...), it was very itching.
I went finally to the doctor the following Thursday totally stressed to find a solution. The doctor confirmed me it was bedbugs.
My friends have the bites just 4-5 days after me, I think I have done an overreaction to the bites.
I have sent a fax to the hotel the Friday (they don’t have a correct email address), and I am still waiting an answer. The manager is always busy to answer to my call.

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