Super 8 Austin Airport South
3120 Montopolis Dr
Austin, TX

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We stayed in room 107 on 6/21/2014 at the Super 8 Austin Airport South. Thought it was weird that there was no carpet in the room since our friends stayed in room 207 just above us and had carpet. It did not even occur to me that they might have removed the carpet in our room due to infestation. The hotel was otherwise nice and had good reviews on and Trip Advisor. After our first night’s stay, we were up preparing for our day, and my daughter says, “Mom, there's a bug in your

bed!” It looked like a small, round cockroach about the size of a pencil eraser. I scooped it up with a tissue and took it to the front desk. I then went back to the room and pulled the covers back to reveal several tiny mite-like bugs moving in the bed. Also, tiny blood spots. Googled it, and realized, to my horror, we were dealing with a bedbug infestation. I have never seen a bedbug before, but after looking at pictures online, it was unmistakable that that's what was crawling on the bed! I also have never stayed at a hotel with this issue before to my knowledge. I was completely freaked out. Think I have at least two bites, but a few more itchy red spots are popping up on me. My friend in room 207 also saw tiny blood spots in her sheets, although no actual bugs. Her daughter woke up with a strange welt/bite on her cheek. Awful, awful experience!!! I didn't think to take picture of big bug I took to front desk, but my daughter videotaped a small moving bug with her cellphone.

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Bedbugs found on bed covers and mattress in Rm 310 on Saturday, June 10. Captured insects brought to front desk for verification and a full refund was requested and given - no questions asked. No acknowledgement of previous bedbug problems.

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