LA Quinta Inn-Mopac North
11901 N Mo-pac Expy
Austin, TX 78759-3513

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Conerning the anonymous report for this location dated 02/10/12. I am the hotel manager and would like to respond to this statement. When this allegation was made about a room with bed bugs, we IMMEDIATELY called the very reputible pest control company that we use: as is ALWAYS our policy. The room in question was closed until a complete inspection was performed. The very next morning the representative arrived and thoroughly inspected the room, but found nothing. We have this inspection ce

rtificate on file and are completely satisfied that we took all necessary steps to combat any such infestation. As we will continue to do in the future if and when we receive any similar reports. Thank You.

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I checked into the hotel and within minutes seen that this hotel has been severly infested. A co-worker that also was staying in this hotel called me from his room and had 4 adult bed bugs in his hands within minutes. We went to the front desk and showed them the bed bugs, and apparrently the entire hotel had been and still was infested. This was two days before Christmas. I immeadiately requested all of my money back and left.

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