Howard Johnson
2711 S I-35
Austin, TX 78741-5514

Found 3 reports:

Stayed here over NYE. Woke up at 6am to a bed bug on the pillow next to me! Along with several other tiny red bugs that may have been something else. DO NOT stay here.

I stayed this past weekend on November 11 and 12. I was a little itchy in the middle of the night but did not think too much of it. when I looked in the mirror by ENTIRE right side of my neck was covered in bites. My arms and hands also had a few bites on them as well. I took pictures and my friends were mortified as was I.

We checked in on Friday, February 25, 2011. When we woke up on saturday morning, we found what appeared to be a bedbug shell on the pillow and some stains on the sheets. It did not appear to be alive, but we may have killed it in the night. We took a picture of it, and reported it to management as we were checking out. The look on the desk clerk's face when we showed her the picture told the whole story - she knew what it was. Not sure if she knew because there were other infestations, or i

f she had been trained. She promptly refunded our money, and apologized for our inconvenience.

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