Crowne Plaza Hotel Austin
6121 N I H 35
Austin, TX 78752-3801
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Checked in May 12, 2014 for 1 night and within 36 hours my arms and hands were covered in bright red bites. I went to the doctor and they confirmed it was in fact bedbugs. Thankfully traps in my house show I didn't bring any home with me.

I checked in to the hotel on August 30th 2010. That evening, due to it being very warm out and I don't like too much AC (not to mention that I just don't like to sleep under the sheets in most hotels), I slept atop the comforter. Woke up Monday with no problem. On August 30th (the next night) I decided to sleep under the comforter but on top of the blanket. I woke up that morning with welts on my hip that were kind of swollen, one on my butt cheek, one on my vagina (yes there too) and one on

my lower back. By that afternoon they had become very red, swollen and uncomfortable. I told the hotel and while they did offer me another room, I thought maybe if the maids changed all the sheets thoroughly and vacuumed thoroughly that it should be fine. Well on the 31st, I actually slept with pants on (just in case) and slept atop the comforter again but then found on my calf the next day, 3 more bites. I of course changed rooms for my last night there and I didn't get any bites that evening. I thought maybe they were flea bites but after looking at some pictures, I realized they probably weren't. Also, their sheets were very white and I did inspect them beforehand and of course after, and found nothing. It was truly a horrible experience.

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