Super 8-Central
2909 E I-40
Amarillo, TX 79104-3503

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On Thursday, 8/1/13 my grandson, daughter and I checked into Super 8-Central, Room 126 in Amarillo, TX at 2909 I-40 East location.
I was on my way to my high school reunion and to visit with family and friends in NM the next day.

It was about 11 PM when we finally went to bed after a long day driving. Lucky for us, I was in a separate bed from my 5 month old grandson and daughter. Around 1:30 AM I felt something itchy around my chest and stomach area. I felt that it was a mosquito bite and

dismissed it. Once again I woke up from a sound sleep around 2:00 AM and that was when I got up and check the bed. I found red and brown bedbugs running through the white bed sheets.

I collected a few bedbugs and took them to the front desk. The Desk Clerk took pictures of several bedbug bites on my neck, chest and arms. The Desk Clerk indicated that he could not move us to another room, so we stayed in the same room and I had to share the bed with my daughter and grandson.

The Manager, Ricky of the Central Super 8 was supposed to come in the following morning @ 9:00 Am on 8/2/13 and left me waiting for him until 10:00 AM, when I was told he was not coming in until later. He also did not call me later that day to apologize.

I called the Super 8 customer service line from another Super 8 in Santa Rosa, NM and they apologized for the bedbug problem. They indicated that they would contact me in a couple of days.

There still is not a refund, a phone call nor a compensation agreement for the bedbug incident as of today 8/7/13. It was embarrassing to attend my 30 year reunion with bedbug bites, stay at my family's home and see friends. Also, I still have bedbug bites sores on my neck, chest, back, stomach, arms and legs that are very itchy. Tomorrow, I return back to work and I work in a hospital which may not be acceptable.

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