LA Quinta Inn
3018 Catclaw Dr
Abilene, TX 79606-1500

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6/1-6/2/2013 Room 305: Stayed one night with my husband at this La Quinta. The hotel was a mess and the floors had black sticky stuff all over them in the common areas. Everything looked roughed up. Got into the room and a lamp was on and the bathroom had no towels or washcloths in it. Looked at the cotton blanket on the bed and it had a large brown-gray spot on it. Called down to the front desk and the desk person brought us towels and when we showed her the stain on the blanket, she told us to

pretend it wasn't there.

I was laying in the bed watching TV before bed with hubby and started finding lots of brown "dots" in the bed. We pulled back the rest of the covers/blanket and more brown dots and what appeared to be black hairs (we both have light brown hair). Made me wonder if they had even cleaned the sheets or bleached the white blanket. I had such a hard time getting to sleep and was already anxious about the possibility of bed bugs.

Next day on our drive back home, hubby complains of an itchy spot at his shorts waistband. He itches at it but thinks it might be an ingrown hair or mosquito bite. He undresses to take a shower after we get home and we realize he's covered in welts/bites in line patterns all around his underwear line. He has a total of 15 bed bug bites. We confirm it's bed bugs and we leave all of our luggage out in the garage.

We just bought an almost brand-new house back in February and a brand new mattress about 2 weeks ago. I am afraid and SO SO SO mad if these critters invade our household.

I am thoroughly disgusted back the shrug off the front desk person (maybe on duty manager?) at this La Quinta and they haven't called us back after we reported the bed bugs. Will be calling corporate to complain about this location.

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