Quality Inn
1116 New Highway 68
Sweetwater, TN

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Was staying the night on Feb. 26, 2011. I had my Mother and my daughter along with my grandparents. We thought maybe something was wrong when we came in and my grandparents room had all the sheets off the bed (it was 7:30 at night). They requested another room needless to say. We settled down for the night and turned off the lights (my mom was in one bed and my young daughter and I in another). We did still have the television on. Suddenly my daughter springs up and tells us about a small

bug crawling near her. We flipped the lights on and it was a bed bug! My Mother then jumps out of her bed only to find one in bed with her. We picked up our stuff and left. The Manager gave us our money back and when I asked if they had a problem he said no. However, I have a feeling this was not the case. Sad thing is this place was crowded with people staying the night. After driving 11 hours that day we decided to just continue our journey and drive 5 more hours home.

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