Quality Inn & Suites River Suites Sevierville
860 Winfield Dunn Pky
Sevierville, TN 99999

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July 5, 2013 was a very busy time in the Smokies. Our spur of the moment road trip landed us in Sevierville, instead of Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. Quality Inn River Suites appeared to be a decent place, not the Ritz but clean. We didn't unpack, thank god, instead my husband went to get us something to eat. While waiting for him in the room, I had the urge to pull back the mattress, and I'm glad I did. I saw the tiny reddish brown bug with my own eyes. The box spring appeared to have feces and b

lood spots. We left immediately and got our money back.

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Myself, my 9 yr old grandson and mom & dad, and family dog checked into this hotel on 8/20 at 7:21pm. Immediately inspected mattress seam at foot of bed on both beds and saw several little black specks (possibly bedbug waste?) but could not see any bugs, and we were very tired and dearly needed a night of sleep before driving back to Cincinnati after a wonderful vacation in Gatlinburg, so we decided it appeared to be safe to stay. I went to bed shortly thereafter. Around 9:00pm my grandson's mot

her came into the room and pulled down the blankets on the other bed, flipped the pillow over and there was the bug! She screamed, I jumped up and took a look and saw a very small dark colored bug. That was enough for me. I told everyone to get their things quickly and we would just have to drive home to Cincinnati that night. Apparently the hotel manager, Brian, was already on his way to our room in response to our complaint that the TV pictures were too fuzzy to watch, so he arrived at our room within 5 minutes. I told him not to worry about the TV's because we were leaving anyway due to spotting the bug in the bed. He told us to show him the bug so we told him it was on the pillow on the 1st bed and he went to look but could not find it. We then went in briefly to look also but could no longer see it. He did a cursory viewing of the bed, did not move the mattress or anything but said if there was 1 bug there would be many more and he did not see any. Again, I told him we were leaving - we could not stay there and he said "you can leave if you want to but I cannot refund your money". He then left the room and we immediately vacated. I was upset, tired, and sick to my stomach. I walked up to the office to again request a refund. He again refused, unless we could show him the bug, and needless to say I was not willing to spend another minute in that room, looking for bedbugs!!! So I wrote out a factual statement and asked him to sign it so I would have something to support my contesting the credit card charge for the room. He told me "I am not signing anything you write." I asked him if he would write something stating that we left the room witihin an hour or so of checking in and he said he would not. Then I asked for a receipt stating the check-in and check-out time, which he gave me. I recommended to him that he have the room inspected and treated before he let another guest use the room. I sincerely hope that he does! It was a very disappointing end to an otherwise absolutely wonderful vacation in Gatlinburg. I am stunned that, according to Brian the Manager, it is hotel policy that he can not make a refund unless he sees the bug. I did also mention that the TV's were not watchable and his disrespectful reply was "Now which is it - you can't have them both." A ridiculous statement. We did have them both, and we had disgustingly dirty smeared front room windows, but we were willing to overlook the windows and TV's, but the bug in the bed was unacceptable. He treated us as if we were trying to run out on our bill, which I found very insulting. Enough said. I highly suspect that was a bedbug on that pillow. Thank you.

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