Governor's Inn
121 Nascar Dr
Sevierville, TN

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checked in on November 8, 2013 went to bed at around 10:30 pm woke at 12:30 am and my husband was sitting on the side of the bed and said what is this, I looked and saw a good sized bug on the sheets, I didn't know what it was so I just touched it with my finger and it actually exploded and blood went everywhere, at that point I knew what it was I picked up the pillows on the bed and bed bugs were going everywhere on the bed. the whole room was infested. When we arrived I did a check the bed

as I usually did and saw no signs on the bed what I didn't know was the bugs can be anywhere in a room in a crack, under carpet in light switches anywhere they can get their ugly little bodies. We immediately checked out. I will never enter another hotel room without taking much more precautions and looking the room over for the creatures.

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