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Aunt Bugs Cabin Rentals
Splash Mansion #500
check-in Friday, Jan 15th
Found live bedbug the next morning on pillow in room on same level as pool table, and upon inspection found many more. Then inspected rest of cabin and found bedbug in one other room same floor. Reported and they sent the Orkin man who came several hours later and confirmed it was bedbugs.


We stayed for a week at Aunt Bugs Splash Mansion for the New Year. After the second day, members of the party awoke with bed bug bites. We immediately contacted Aunt Bugs via phone and email and were ignored for the rest of our stay. We were finally contacted at the end of the stay with a standard email that was copied and pasted making false claims about showing up to inspect things (which they never did).

March 17, 2014
We stayed at a cabin owned by Aunt Bug’s (On Eagles Wings #233) for a week (March 8-15). The cabin was beautiful and had amazing mountain views; needless to say we were excited. On the second day, I woke up with about 3 bumps on my arm. They were itchy and red, I thought nothing of it. As the days went by more and more itchy bumps appeared on both arms and hands. Our 6th day, my husband and I thought it was from the excessive amount of chlorine in the water. When we got back ho

me Saturday night we noticed that I had some bumps on my upper back, by this point I had red bumps all over my arms, hands, some fingers, and upper back. I had more than 50. I ended up going to the doctor and there I was told I had gotten bit by bed bugs! I had never encountered anything like this before, I was SO upset! I understand we are all humans and we all make mistakes, but we pay a pretty good amount of money to stay in cabins, thus the owners/ workers should keep them CLEAN!! People be careful; check everything for signs of bugs! I let my guard down one time and this is what I got. Protect yourself because these people don’t care. :(

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Guess the name "Aunt Bugs" is appropriate. LOL

we stayed at bear cabin 462 at aunt bugs cabin, in gatlinburg tn, yes they are nice, but, they are nasty, the floors hasnt been swept, or moped, and the bathtub was nasty, and they was mice dropping every were, we payed alot of money to stay for 3 days, we exspected to be clean, i will never stay there again, the pictures will fool you, under the beds hasnt been swept or moped in months,i called them, and they didnt do nonething, i drathered stayed in a cheap motel, next time i will, or go to a

different cabins, !!!!!!

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We stayed at cabin 708 for a week and noticed bites on the last day of our trip. We found small dots of blood on the sheets. I notified Aunt Bugs rental office. They told us it was not bed bugs. What a crock. My entire body is covered in bits that look just like bed bug bites.

We rented the cabin Lap of Luxury in Gatlinburg from Aunt Bug's Cabins (not sure of the cabin number). We stayed two nights and it looked clean. On the first day home I noticed several red welts clumped together on my upper thigh. I have no experience with bed bugs and would have assumed they were mosquito bites except they were in an area that is covered when I'm outside and they seemed too close together. The next night I noticed several more bites, and husband found some on himself as wel

l. We are just praying our 2 year old doesn't get any Now we are have to have our new home debugged. It's a horrible experience.

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We rented the Dreamcatcher Cabin (#221) from this company. We stayed there 2 nights (june 16 & 17th). We left without staying the third. After the first night, my husband awoke with several large bites. We thought maybe mosquitos (although we didn't see any the night before).

After the 2nd night, husband woke up with welts all over his body(head to toe - around 500 counted and I gave up). I had "normal" sized bug bites over both arms, my face, my ears, my hands, and my shoulders. My babies

had a few on their arms and legs. They both shared our bed that night.

My husband was convinced it was bed bugs. He tore apart the bed and low and behold we found 2 alive and crawling. We found many bug shells within the sheets and behind the beds! We reported it, a pest control came out via the cabin rental company, confirmed there was a bug problem and referred the cabin company to move us.

They had no where to move us too (as if we would want another cabin from them). We had to take my husband to the dr...he did has sensitivity to the bites and needed medication. We washed all of our stuff and showered well...we are only praying we didn't bring them back with us :(

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