Super 8 Downtown Airport Area
709 Spence Ln
Nashville, TN 37217-1143

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Stayed in Room 213. Was already planning on submitting a complaint due to the condition of the room and pool being empty. Then, after returning from eating dinner, I was laying in a bed and looked under the mattress for a check, and found a bed bug. We started packing immediately, and found another on the outside of one of our bags. I went downstairs to checkout, and the night clerk saying there was nothing he could do, and to call back tomorrow. He also went back to check the room, where I show

ed him the two bugs I had found (and kept in a ziplock bag) and one we happened to see right then on the sheets. I have since been in contact for a refund, and they keep saying they will be in touch with the night clerk to verify my story, which has not been done. DO NOT STAY HERE. They are clearly doing nothing to fix the problem as these post go back two years.

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Dec 29, 2012-Jan 1, 2013. Some new year's celebration. Room 104 is infested. Just got a medical diagnosis and am contacting the health department next.

I also stayed in room 111 and found 8 bed bugs on the head of the bed and ants in the sink,just a short time before the most recent post.
They moved me and assured me R..k would take care of the problem.They moved me to a room down the way,not before I check the bedding and surroundings.I was hoping for a pest control truck pull into the parking lot,but did not.
I was glad that the room was not put into service
as I checked out the following day,under the false
pretense it was being treate

d.Their are families
arriving to this hotel under the Super 8 name hoping to find a friendly host and clean sleeping rooms.
Shame on you gentleman who greeted me on my arrival and deliver a subpar product.The photos
of the bedbugs I took with Super 8 logo beneath them makes drive the extra mile to avoid this franchise.

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The worst hotel ever! On 6/30/12 @ 4am my husband and I woke up with severe itching and redness. Our room, 111, was infested with bed bugs. I guess it wasn't enough that the staff sucked, could barely speak/understand English, and the lobby humid as if they don't believe in air conditioning. What a horrible way to start our wedding anniversary.

I stayed the first night in 106, didn't notice anything but shady characters outside all night, and noise. Went to another city for a night and drove back, and the clerk put me in the room next door, 108.

I woke up with bites on my back and shoulders, and having scattered all the covers off the bed in my sleep.

I've been home a week and I found a bug in my bed today.

The clerk was visibly surprised when I returned for the second night, and he did not make eye contact with me when he ass

igned me my room.

Do not stay here. Your car with the doors locked would be safer.

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Biggest dump I have ever stayed at. The place is nothing but a crackhouse disguised as a motel. Disgusting, bed bugs, unfriendly staff, and the rooms are pure filth. Stay away because you safety and health depend on it.

My husband just checked out of this very same room, 133. It was INFESTED with bed bugs. He couldn't sleep, got up to turn on the lights and found the bugs all over him and the bed. He contacted the front desk and left immediately.

I stayed at this location June 9-13, 2011 in Room 133 and was covered in bedbug bites upon my return home. We even checked the room upon our arrival and no sign of bugs. I wish I knew about this site ahead of time, as that exact room was already reported as having bugs! I'll forever use this site to check places before I travel from now on.

On 4/4/11, we stayed at the Super 8 in Nashville, TN off of I-24, exit 52 in room 133. The next day I discovered my arms and neck had several big welts that I compared to bedbug bites I found on the internet and they matched. I even checked the mattress corners and found them to be completely clean. We trusted Super 8s and stay there when we can but we won't go back there ever again. Room 133 in no way compares to the picture they show you on the Super 8 site. My fear now is that I've brought so

me of the bedbugs home.

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