Super 8 Airport Nashville
720 Royal Pky
Nashville, TN 37214-3742

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Me and my boyfriend stayed in room 216 over new years weekend. Noticed a bug in the room but ignored it. By the time we made it home we were covered in bug bites. We contacted the hotel and they acted like it was the first time they had heard about the bugs.

Checked into a second floor room on 10/20/2012. After getting into bed for the night, captured a bed bug crawling up my neck. Took it to the front desk, where the clerk did not appear to know what it was. I told her what it was, and she moved me to another room (on the first floor.)

My husband and I stayed here from May 3-5 2012. We checked out a day early due to receiving numerous bites all over our arms at night. On the second night I woke up several times feeling as though there was something crawling on me. Although I only saw two total bugs, by the time Sunday morning came I had over 40 bite marks on my arms, shoulders and back.
When we informed the front desk, we were told that the place had been newly renovated... why this was the answer to our issue, I can't imagin

e. As I said we checked out early. There was a bit of discussion between my husband and the front desk girl about not being charged for the whole stay, but after she called management, we were not charged for leaving early.

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Don't have a bedbug story, but this location is currently involved in a child sex slavery ring trial in Nashville involving the Somali mafia. Google it or check out Channel 4 website. Still counts as a a vermin problem, right . . .

Was bitten by bed bugs in room on the third floor 6-10-11. Also found a bed bug in the towels in the bathroom.

During my stay at this hotel I noticed bugs in the bed twice. I checked in on February 11th and was forced to check out on the 18th due to bugs crawling on me and not being able to handle it. The first time I was ignorant to what kind of bug it was and it wasn't on me. I was also half asleep the first time, picked it up with toilet paper and went back to sleep. When I saw it the next time, it was on me sending me into a panick state. I looked up bed bugs and saw that this is exactly what th

ese bugs were. I called the front dedsk and they did nothing to help me. They said because I didn't report the first one they refused to give me a refund for the days that I stayed there. (the thrid party whom I booked thru) refused to help me find another place and left me on hold for an hour while "escalating me to asupervisor" I am stranded, at the waffle house across the street using my laptop and skype to call because I am from Canada and any phone calls placed with my cell phone will cost a fortune.

Super 8 is doing nothing to help me. They sent a lady from housekeeping in. I showed her the bug she said "Oh ya" and put the sheets in the garbage. Nothing else was done. Everyone knows these things come from the mattress.

I was in room 224, on the second floor. I cannot speak for any other room because I refused to stay in such a location. I am scared that it will happen again and am now scrambling to find another hotel. I am here for another week.

I wish there was somewhere I could go to get my money back because I really cannot afford to book elsewhere but I'm hoping to at least prevent this from happening to someone else.

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