Stadium Hotel
10 Interstate Dr
Nashville, TN

Found 5 reports:

After Entering I should have left but since I gave them the money for a week stay and they wouldn't give it back I got eat up by bedbugs. I used 70% alcohol to treat the bites. Some inspecter is on the take from the health department because I called them too but they are still wide open infesting Nashville with bedbugs.

This hotel is mainly for drug dealers and borderline homeless people. If you are staying here, bedbugs are the least of your worries!

I am a resident at the Stadium Inn. My first night here I was bitten as well as my husband and child. I killed at least 20 that evening. I aksed to move to another room but they would not let me. They come and sprayed the room and it has made it worse. 4 days later and the bugs are still here and now I can't even sit in the room without getting bit. Since I paid for a month I don't know what to do.

I am currently staying at the Stadium Inn and on upon giving my sheets to housekeeping, my sheets returned with bed bugs all over them, leaving my body covered in bites when I woke up in the morning, tis morning of November 24th, 2010.

Our local news reported that this hotel was found to be infested with bed bugs and had been given numerous warnings by the health department. As of Aug. 2010, still a problem.

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