Springhill Suites Nashville Airport
1100 Airport Center Dr
Nashville, TN 37214

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Stayed here July 30, 2011. About 2 weeks later, I began breaking out in hives and blister-like lesions. Physician first thought it was poison ivy..underwent 2 rounds of steroids without help. Finally went to dermatologist who immediately suspected bed bugs. Checked our bed and saw 1-2 bugs , pulled back the sheet and the dark spots were all around the elastic of the fitted sheet. This is the only hotel we have visited in the last 6 months, so there is no doubt where they came from. I might not

ever stay in another hotel after this!

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5th floor maybe - anyway near the top floor - early 2008
I have stayed there often...before this that is.

I was working late on my computer and out of the corner of my eye saw something moving on the opposite bed. On closer investigation I saw it was a bed bug crawling across the sheet - I trapped it and called down for some assistance - this guy comes into the room - takes one look and confirms its a bed bug to me then he pulls up the sheet with the bed bug and takes it downstairs and loose

s it on the way down - problem was it was about 2.30AM and the manager never had another room - they made up the beds again - no signs of any more bed bugs...In the AM on check out they tell me they could not confirm the incident as it was lost in transit...He did give me 10,000 points and comped the room as well so I felt a bit better. But not much rest as I slept with one eye open.
My advice...
These critters cant climb on smooth furniture/wood or similar. SO....
Keep luggage off the bed - use the luggage rack or keep your luggage on the table.
Shoes as well are never on the floor - everything kept on my luggage well off the floor.
Dirty clothes go straight into a laundry bag and back into the suite case (on the table)

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In September of 2009, on the 2nd night of my 3 night stay, I left this hotel because a bed bug climbed out of the pillow that I had taken from the bed while I was working on my laptop. I called the fornt desk to report that there was a bed bug in the room. She said she would call me back... 25 minutes later I called down again.She said she had a line of people to check in and they were sold out and did not have another room available. After a strong suggestion that I get a new room or come down

and announce to the line that the reason I need to be moved they agreeed to send a new room key to me.

They sent a housekeeper up another 20 minutes later- At this point I had it, packed my bags, called the hotel across the street and left. My room for the evening was comped for that night, yet I was never given an apology. The general manager did not return my call after I tried to reach him when I returned from my trip. Bottom line- my annual trip to Nashville next week- I will be staying in Opryland instead. I have photos of the bug. I looked it up on the internet to verify it- YES IT IS A BEDBUG!

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