Sleep Inn Nashville
3200 Dickerson Pike
Nashville, TN 37207

Found 3 reports:

I booked 4 of my guys in here with work, and one came back all covered in bed-bug bites, and had to have a day off work when he got back from his trip, to go to the Doctor.

Stayed 5/9/2013 - 5/10/2013 Room 121
Upon arrival nothing seemed unordinary about the hotel except for a musty bug spray smell when we entered our room. After staying one night we saw baby bed bugs in the bed, pillows, and sheets. After this discovery we immediately were ready to leave. When we were getting ready I put my clothes on the sink to get in the shower. After I showered I came out to put my clothes on to discover adult bed bugs crawling on and around the sink! We carefully packed our

belongings into sealed bags to properly clean/debug our things when we got home. I confronted the front desk about this problem and got a full refund.

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10/3/12 - 10/04/12

Woke up to bed bugs crawling on us; put on lights, took pics of the bugs and bites on us.

Felt we had to stay here due to other hotels being booked this weekend. Had surgery next day so had to stay. We should have slept in the car rahter than stayed here.
Nasty place!

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