Residence Inn by Marriott Nashville Airport
2300 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

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I can not believe these reviews are real. We just left this property. It is 2:07am. We have driven 14 hours in two days and I am ill... but still, we could not stay in this DISGUSTING hotel!!! The first room smelled like mildew & cigarettes & when we checked the bed it looked like there were bedbug droppings in the crevices of the mattress. We stripped the bed and there was a little black bug crawling on the mattress. We weren't sure if it was a bedbug... looked more like a flea but three strike

s made us ask to switch rooms. The second room smelled the same and had the same residue in the mattress crevices so we lifted up the box spring and there it was, dead bedbug. My husband tried to get help from Chris at the hotel front desk and we just kept getting the same answer; there was no management there, housekeeping had left, and there were no more rooms in the hotel. We were panicked. We'd been on the phone with hotelsdotcom and there were no rooms anywhere even an hour towards Memphis! My husband asked for garbage bags for our stuff bc we were too scared to leave in the car and he was asked tersely "how many do you need?" My husband got the roll, looked over his shoulder and saw that there were two security guards moving closer to him!!! Totally menacing him for complaining!!! He took the bags, came back to the room and we spent the next two hours on the phone with trying to find something, somewhere! We're headed to Memphis now and just for added measure, when I went to use the restroom before we got on the road for another 3 hours, there was hair on the seat (Gack) and... for the coup de grace not one, but two, yes TWO ROACHES mating in front of the door as we exited. There are pictures and FYI, Chris didn't offer to call any other hotels for us until we said we had pictures and we would be sharing our experience on every available online venue!

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