Radisson Hotel Nashville Airport
1112 Airport Center Dr
Nashville, TN

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I came in at 10 PM in the pouring rain( did not bring in mosquitoes with me. I had no recent exposure to any other hotels or allergens( like poison ivy). I was tired and went straight to bed. I awakened around 5:30 am with my legs itching. As I rubbed them I realized there was a linear group of bites in several places on my legs. I finally got awake enough to realize that this might actually be bed bugs. I looked up pictures of bed bug bites and mine are identical to the pictures. I called the n

ight manager and reported them. She seemed very concerned and told me they would have to quarantine my luggage and I would have to talk to healyh inspectors. I showered,went down to breakfast and then went back to the front desk to talk to the day managers to see what I needed to do. They acted like they had heard nothing about it from the night manager. She wanted to know HOW I knew what bed bug bites looked like! I told her I looked up the pictures on the internet. I showed her the bites on my legs and arms. She said they would follow up on my report and they would send me a follow up report. There was no mention of quarantining my suitcase, no advice to me on how to treat it and no indication of any apology or discount for my trouble. I was not confidant that this would be investigated so I tried to report it by phone to the Nashville Health Dept. I got an answering machine so I have no idea what will happen. I will try to contact the health dept again on Monday.

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