Quality Inn
981 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37217

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Stayed in room 417, Saturday, October 9th. The hotel looked clean enough from the outside and when we entered the room. We actually looked around for bed bugs but didn't see anything except brown-ish colored spots on the bedding. The next morning we pulled back the covers and found a bed bug on the bed and a little red insect on the pillow. We called the front desk who sent someone from maintenance and someone from housekeeping. They came in, looked at the bugs, and left literally without saying

one word. Of the four of us in the room, two of use had bites up and down both arms. In addition, I had bites on my face and chest, probably 20 bites total. The front desk took 25% off the bill because they said we only had one bug. How many do you have to have in order to get compensated for the whole night? Interestingly enough they sell sheets, pillows and bedspreads from the hotel. I won't be staying here again.

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