Marriott-Nashville Airport
600 Marriott Dr
Nashville, TN 37214-5046

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I travel sometimes for work and I am required to stay in a particular hotel. Do NOT stay on the ground floor in the older part of this hotel. I was extremely tired and fell asleep on the top of the bed after flying to Nashville. I forgot to check the bed. When I awoke I checked the sheets and was VERY unhappy to find bugs. I complained and changed rooms but it was too late. Bedbugs invaded my suitcase and all my clothes. When I came home, I left my briefcase in my office for two weeks bec

ause it was xmas and when I went to do my expense acocunt found hundreds of dead bugs. I threw out all of the clothes I brought, enclosed my mattresss after calling a pest man to spray my entire house. I bought new sheets, pillows enclosed in a bed bug case, and new blankets. I had an allergic reaction to these bugs that close down my throat.

Thousands of dollars later I hope my home is bed bug free but it takes time and I doubt it.

These are nasty bugs. I still have to spray the house a few more times. NEVER lay on a bed without checking the sheets and mattress for tiny bugs or pepper-like leavings. AVOID putting ANYTHING on the FLOOR in ANY hotel. Its a major problem. Change rooms to HIGH UP and away right away.

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I spent the night of June 16 2012 in this hotel. The room and hotel were very nice & appeared to be very clean. There had been an extremely large international conference going on all week, and there were many people in the elevators and lobby from various countries all over the world. We went straight to our room upon arrival and went to bed, due to an early morning flight we had to catch to California. I woke the morning of June 17 and noticed 7 large, fresh bites on my abdomen. Three in a

row going vertically, three in a row going horizontally and one large bite on my rib cage. My husband and I removed all bedding and pillowcases from the bed and did not find any visible bed bugs. By the time we did this, we were about to miss our plane to California, so we left the hotel. By the time we reached California, the bites were even bigger and bright red. They hurt and itched all week. After googling more information on Bedbugs and their bites, I was convinced that this is what had happened, so I did call the hotel on Monday June 18 to report what had happened. The hotel informed me that they would investigate and call me back. The hotel manager called me on Tues. June 19 to let me know that they had not found bed bugs in my room, but would like to offer me a free breakfast "or something" the next time I visited Nashville. I am a Marriott rewards member and consistently stay at this particular Marriot everytime I fly. Breakfast is typically included in my room, so I won't be needing a free breakfast. I have never been disappointed with this hotel, but I am very upset about the bedbugs and how they handled the situation. I doubt I will stay there again.

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