Knights Inn-Nashville Downtown
99 Spring St
Nashville, TN 37207-5629

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Husband and I stayed 4x since Jan 20, 2015. Have had several problems during each stay so 2-18, 1 night before check in I called complaint to corporate about all the past problems hoping to avoid problems for check in 2-19. Apparently corporate called hotel and I guess warned them of my arrival. Guess they thought they would show me and must have given me a room with a bed bug problem because I awoke with all kind of bites. I know I shouldn't have stayed but it was just half mile from hospital w

ere I had an appt early this morning. I am from out of town and don't know the area so I stayed there because it was convenient. OMG WHAT A MISTAKE. Itching is driving me up the walls

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I stayed with a friend 4-2 through 4-4-14. On the morning that we woke up to check out my friend noticed 2 bugs crawling on her legs. She threw one in the sink and I identified it as a bed bug from Wikipedia photos. I noticed bites 5 days later. I understand from my research that it is normal to not show symptoms for up to a week. Both of my arms are fairly covered with bites in the typical "lined patterns" that they call "breakfast, lunch, and dinner". I also have bites on my breasts. I s

ent an email today to the hotel so that they could have the room treated. Website reviews from other travelers indicated that at least one other guest reported bedbugs there, took the actual bugs to the front desk and was accused of "running a scam". I am therefore not optimistic that the hotel will offer me any remedy or refund, but I do hope that they will treat the room, which was room 268.

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My boyfriend and I recently travelled here from October 24-27th 2013. My boyfriend got out free of bites but I have about 14 bites which I started to notice the second morning after our stay. We didn't think much of the small bites at the time and didn't do a thorough search of the mattress so we can't be positive but be sure to check if you go! I went to the clinic to get the bites looked at and although the doctor wasn't 100% that they were bed bugs he couldn't think of any other explanation.

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