Howard Johnson
2306 Brick Church Pike
Nashville, TN 37207-4402

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The Tennesseean reported that his hotel has an infestation:

I checked into this hotel on 06/20/11 paid for a sseven night stay. As I was checking in a guy staying there stated to the clerk that his daughter had found a crack pipe and a vibrator in their room. I was placed into room 400, which was suppose to be a nonsmoking room. However it had a strong smell of marijuana. The odor of alcohol was coming through the AC unit. So I couldn't really use it for too long. The beds were so run down as well as the furniture in the rooms. When I inquired about the

conditions, I was told these are the rooms you get for a weekly stay. The top floors (3 & 4) where like this. So after the first night, I spoke with Sam, the manager, he moved me to room 422. This room was away from all the activity however the conditions where not much better. I checked this room for critters and even pulled the sheets off and remade the bed. I didn't see anything. However apon waking the next morning, I noticed myself scratching repeatedly. I looked in the mirror and found several bites all along my right side. The bites appeared very big and red, but looking closer they were multiple small bites. The bites where all along my breast, chest, stomach,and back. I notified the night manager that morning. He said he would leave a note for the Sam. I returned that afternoon and demanded a full refund for the remaining five days. After refusing to accept anything less than the five day refund, Sam agreed via phone. I have stayed here before but was in a better room on the 2nd floor. It was clean and in decent conditions. I will never stay at this facility again.

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Checked in for one night the second week of March 2011 in a non-smoking room. My room was on the second floor. I had settled in to go to sleep when I saw something moving on the pillow (there was nothing on the pillows or sheets which I checked before getting into bed). The "something" was a small bug, but I thought it was too little to be a bed bug. So I flicked it off the pillow and tried to go asleep again when I noticed a small bug carcass on another pillow (which I turned over). I tried

to go back sleep to one more time when I saw something moving on the sheet and turned the lights on and saw it - an adult bed bug! (I found out later that the smaller bug was a young bedbug - I only had seen pictures of adult bed bugs up until that point). I jumped off the bed quickly and it disappeared before I could catch it to take to the front desk. I gathered up all of my things and checked out that same night. I didn't complain to management - I just wanted out there.

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On January 27th I stayed on the second floor 220. I am now glad that I only stayed one night. However I fear that the little hitchhikers have now infested the inside of my big rig. My helper and I were unknowingly scratching ourselves and at one point we looked at each other and had an " AHA " moment. Still can't believe it. Perhaps the reality is that I am lucky that I have been spared up until now.
We both have several bites on the back of our necks, all over our backs, arms and even some on

our hands! Very disappointing experience.

Be warned about this location

Mike Polfer

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My husband stayed at this hotel November 6-10, 2010, while in Nashville for work. On the second morning, he noticed a few bites on his arms and dismissed them as possible mosquito bites. By the third morning, when his torso was covered with more than 30 bites, he called me to do a little research on bug bites. We both highly suspected bug bites and so he went to the front desk with his concerns.

The clerks first reaction was to tell my husband she had never heard of bed bugs in their hotel

. Then she said that the "procedure" was that HE had to find a new hotel to stay in. Being that the CMA's were in town and most hotels were booked, and he was there through work, she booked him a new room on the the other side of the hotel.

While he was packing up (to go to the laundromat to wash all of his belongings) the maintenance guy came up to check the room. The first thing he did was remove the headboard (so they obviously had some idea of what to look for since this is the first thing recommended when checking for them) and there were about five bugs hiding out.

Hubby stayed in the new room one night (he checked for bugs and found none, but needless to say he didn't sleep well). The next morning when he could get in touch with his boss, he and his crew moved to another hotel.

At last count he has over 70 bites on his upper torso. It's been five days since his first night in the infested room and it looks like bites are still appearing on him. He'll be going to the ER today to get help with the itching since Benadryl didn't work.

I realize that the hotel isn't completely at fault because they had bed bugs, it's a huge problem right now. But how they handled it is completely irresponsible. No apology, no offers to compensate (I don't know what they could offer anyway), nothing.

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My two daughters ans I both had bed bug bites after staying at this motel. My sons were all in another room, and had no bites. We were on the first floor. It was May 26th, 2010.

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