Hotel Indigo Nashville West End
1719 W End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203-2606
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I have bedbugs in my own home and have been through a number of expensive and ineffective exterminations, all due to my stay at Hotel Indigo in Nashville in early October, 2008.

I noticed bites on my neck and feet at home in Roanoke a couple of days later. Apparently, the bites can take as long as three days to swell up. I figured the room had spiders so I bombed the room and got one of those sonic wave machines and everything was fine for a couple of weeks.

I began noticing more bites a

round Halloween. I saw a nurse who told me it looked like Bedbugs, but it was unlikely since they only had them in India or other countries. I went online and saw that wasn't the case. These were bedbug bites--three in a row, itchy as hell. I started researching and hired an is an ongoing struggle that I'm still dealing with.

I eventually contacted the hotel, who promised to call me back, then didn't. When I called back, I spoke with a man who told me that I should call corporate. I called corporate who listened and promised to send me a letter regarding a refund or other compensation. In April, I received a letter from Hotel Indigo saying that the Nashville location is independently owned and operated and that I will have to contact that hotel. I did, and the person who had sent me to corporate no longer worked there. The guy who replaced him told me that it was a mistake to have been given to corporate, and that Hotel Indigo of Nashville would be responsible for refunds. However, there would be no refund. The reason: Bedbugs are now such a common complaint at the hotel that the hotel can no longer afford to follow corporate's dictation that customer's complaining of bedbugs be issued a refund.

That's right--lots of bedbugs at this location, apparently. Don't stay here. It may change your life!

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