Hilton Nashville Downtown
121 4th Ave S
Nashville, TN

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just killed a bedbug in my bed 2 am in the morning. they are here!

I stayed at the Hilton in the fall of 2011. I slept on a pullout sofa in the living room portion of the suite. I woke up itching all over! When I got home and changed my clothes, I saw the tell tale signs of bedbugs... had no fewer than 25 bites. Bedbugs were the furthest thing from my mind until I found one of the bugs IN MY CLOTHING. I searched online for an image of a bedbug and it was the same bug!! I did not call the hotel, but sure as hell will not stay there again. And I always, always

check the mattress before I sleep in a hotel.

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I stayed at this hotel for a Christmas party downtown in December 2011. I was there for 2 nights and woke up the second morning with bed bug bites. The typical 3 bites in a line... Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We called the hotel 2 days later and they said it was not possible that I got bit there. Not the best way to handle business... One look at my arm and you tell me what happened?

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