Hilton Garden Inn Nashville/Vanderbilt
1715 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203-2709

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I was lying in bed using my laptop when I noticed a little bug of some sort making its way across the sheets toward me. I tried to squish it, but it was very squish resistant. I ended up killing it and taking a picture. Called the front desk and they were very apologetic. Moved me to another room and comped my stay. I realize that this sort of thing can happen. What I appreciate is how the HGI staff handled it.

Woke up around 1245 am and felt a tickle on my knee underneath my pj bottoms. Rubbed it, tickle moved, rubbed it again..realized it was not a sensation but rather something else. Fortunately, caught it in my pj bottoms and killed it. There was a good bit of blood on my leg of my pj's, suspect it was mine. Dropped bug in glass and took picture (magnified) w/ android. Of course, then I looked it up on the web, only to confirm it was in fact a bed bug. Pulled sheets from bed, didn't see any o

thers, but needless to say, I'm going to have a very long night. Disappointing as I love my Hilton Hotel chain.

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