Hampton Inn
530 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

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Ended up with bed bugs infestation at home after receiving bites from a one night stay at this hotel.

July 21, 2012- Found at least 10 bugs, after having been bitten about 9 times. Since we had placed clothing on the beds, we found some already in our clothing at the hotel and sealed the clothing in bags to transport home. We haven't found any in our home, after laundering the clothing many times in very hot water and putting it in the dryer many times. It wasn't great for our clothing, but I think we are bug-free as a result. We told management. They were nice about it. We were leaving,

anyway, so we don't know how it was handled. This is the Hampton by the Nashville Airport.

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Lots of bed bug bites. Was really bad

No nearby bug reports